Is Assertive behavior the key to your career growth?

Being assertive is one the most important skills to possess, considering that human patience as well as attention span, are minimal & fragile. Getting work done, or putting across a point, without antagonizing anyone, is a serious challenge now, in a world where everyone is looking for instant validation; anything short is leading to inappropriate behavior/reactions and aggression – active or passive! 

What is Assertiveness?

Assertiveness is often seen as the balance point or middle path, between passive and aggressive behavior. Being assertive is the ability to stand up for individuals’ / team’s rights, thoughts, and ideas in an open and appropriate way, without being actively or passively aggressive.

Responding aggressively is often a result of a lack of self-confidence and therefore results in inappropriate ways of interacting with people. Assertive individuals are confident, speak for themselves, and are able to get their points across, without upsetting others or themselves both personally or professionally. This can help to express themselves in a clear, open, and reasonable way, without undermining their own or others’ rights.

Traits for assertive behavior

They are normally open to expressing views, thoughts, and ideas in an open manner and encouraging the team also to do the same; in addition, they are open to listening to others’ views as well as responding appropriately, even though they may disagree. They behave as EQUAL with all others, and  take full responsibility ,accountability for any mistakes. They appreciate others and share constructive feedback, without unhealthy conversations and maintain self-control / restrain, even under pressure situations

Assertiveness and career growth 

To climb the career ladder, you need to exhibit leadership skills that inhibit critical activities like effective communication, innovation, fostering teamwork and collaboration, leading change, and imbibing a culture of a safe environment.         

These are the most common skills that one also needs to possess when you are at the top of the career ladder. Assertive people are more likely to drive these effectively with their passion, personal image, and apt way of articulation as compared to passive leaders. On the other hand, an aggressive manager may be looked upon as a bully / push-over, without respecting others’ thoughts/feelings and beliefs, and therefore may be overlooked for leadership roles.

Ultimately, it is all about how you are able to articulate your idea and get the job done in the appropriate way. With assertive behavior one is most likely to navigate organization dynamics and deliver on the plans consistently. This will result in being perceived as a PERFORMER, leading to personal growth .

As always, please share your comments/views on the above.