Communication or Consideration ??

In the buzzing world , where deadlines, meetings, and endless tasks dominate , two words often stand out: communication and consideration

Are they just fancy jargons ?

 NO, understanding the balance between these two is so critical for the overall growth of an individual

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For communication to be effective , clarity in thought , articulation , listening in full or active listening and then reflecting ,followed with constructive feedback are key. However there can be no effective communication without consideration !

What is consideration in the context of communication?

Consideration refers to the act of being thoughtful, respectful, and mindful of others’ feelings, opinions, and perspectives. It emphasizes empathy and understanding towards the the person with whom one is communicating whether they are mentally / intellectually ready to process the information shared. It not only  involves taking into account the needs, emotions, and potential reactions of the listener , but also  that  of the speaker ,when crafting and delivering messages. 

If the listener is not mentally , intellectually or by intent not ready to accept / process the communication , there is NO point of communicating here ! 

It is like breaking the head , trying move the wall !!

The speaker will be exhausted , burnt out ,as the listener is unable to understand the perspective, even after trying numerous times. 

How to improve consideration while communicating ?

While communication focuses on conveying messages, consideration emphasizes the human connection. Here are a few ways to be mindful of consideration :

  1. 1.Empathy in Action: Every professional, irrespective of their role, brings a unique perspective and set of challenges . Recognizing this and showing empathy can bring a more inclusive and collaborative environment.

  2. 2.Respect Boundaries: In the zeal to excel, it is easy to forget that everyone has personal boundaries. Whether it is respecting someone’s time, opinions, or personal space, always approach interactions with sensitivity and awareness.

  3. 3.Collaborative Spirit & Growth mindset: Collaboration is the cornerstone of growth. By fostering a collaborative spirit with a growth mindset ,it contributes to the team synergy and opens up to diverse perspectives and solutions. Remember, it is not just about individual brilliance but collective growth.

How can one strike the right balance between consideration & communication?

Here are few ways:)

  1. 1.Authenticity: Be genuine in all interactions. Authenticity bridges the gap between communication and consideration, creating a harmonious environment.

  2. 2.Adaptability: By staying adaptable and receptive to feedback, one can refine communication and consideration skills, ensuring they align with the dynamic demands of overall growth.

  3. 3.Continuous Learning: The journey of mastering communication and consideration is ongoing. Embrace opportunities for learning, be it through workshops, mentorship, or real-life experiences. Every interaction is a lesson in itself.

By embracing this philosophy and intertwining communication with consideration, one sets the stage for personal growth while shaping a brighter, more collaborative future for the world .